Viking Norse Gods Long Boat Beer Stein

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L 6 1/2 W 4 3/4 H 5 7/8

Made from cold cast bronze, this handcrafted stein depicts two Norse gods, one on each side. It features Thor holding Mjolnir and Odin with his two ravens. Each intricately detailed god has an oval background surrounding them. The ovals are bronze in color and have knotwork borders. The border matches the one near the rim of the stein and the one at the bottom.

Between these borders is a wood-like background. Two crossed axes and a shield also adorn the mug in two places. Next, the curved handle looks like the bow of a Viking long boat. It features a dragons head and intricate knotwork patterns. Finally, this stein has a 304 stainless-steel insert. This insert makes the vessel safe for drinking. Add this Viking gods beer stein to your drinkware collection or decor. It looks great in any home or office.