Trinity | Gunmetal | Triple Strand Bracelet | Men's

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Finish: Silver
Cord: Black Nylon
Length: Adjustable / One Size Fits All
Bead Size: 3mm
Base: Stainless Steel

Trinity - three in one, one which is three. In essence, the Trinity collection bracelets are all three bracelets in one, each bracelet individually made up of three separate strands of finely crafted and elegant 3mm beads finished in either silver, gold, rose gold, or black gunmetal. The Trinity bracelets are hand-woven with a black macrame and fully adjustable woven nylon cord to allow the bracelets to be worn by anyone at any size on any wrist. The Trinity collection draws its name and inspiration from the inherent sacredness of threes, present in many cultures and religious traditions spanning the globe and stretching across time.

Today, the Christian tradition of the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is well known, but the belief in the divinity of threes is far more universally present than most realize. The Christian trinity intersects with the Mahayana Buddhist concept of three modes of being of the Buddha, not unlike the Hindu belief in Trimurti, the three forms of supreme Divinity personified by the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Some belief systems including the sacred trinity are much older, and more shrouded in mystery, much of their nuance and detail lost to history. Ancient peoples in Sumeria worshipped the gods of the sky, earth, and water, and considered them together the Triad of the Great Gods; like the Sumerians, the Egyptians worshipped the god Amon who was made up of three, and in Babylon, a similarly divine three headed god held sway. Perhaps the best explanation for the sacred trinity comes from one of the finest philosophers of classical Greece when Aristotle said "All things are three, and thrice is all."