Soul's Purpose Tarot Package

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Wondering if you're following your soul's purpose?  Are you feeling out of alignment with what you were meant to do versus what you're actually doing?  Allow me and the Tarot to help guide you on the journey to finding your soul's purpose with a Soul's Purpose Tarot Package.

I've designed the Soul's Purpose Package with you and your life's path in mind.  Come discover with me what you were meant to do.  We will perform 3 Tarot readings over the course of 8 weeks, as well as an Oracle reading.  During this time, we will deep dive on each reading and relate the readings together at the end to guide you on your way.  What's more, you'll have 3 fifteen  minute follow up sessions with me to answer any questions about the readings and what they mean.  You'll receive the following in this package:

3 Tarot Readings - 10 card spreads via email or online

1 Oracle Reading via email or online

3 15 minute Zoom follow up sessions with me

PDF delivery of all 4 readings, and digital photographs of all spreads

What an incredible journey this package can provide.  The insights that can be gained here are huge.  Let's team up together and work towards finding your true soul's purpose.  The Tarot can provide the insight, my intuition can provide the interpretation and guidance.  I look forward to exploring with you soon.