Norse God Odin With Ravens Bust

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  • Odin is known as the Norse All-Father, and carries souls to the unseen realms. A patron of warriors, he was skilled in magic and a master of primal forces. Known as the One-Eyed God, Odin sacrificed his eye to gain wisdom from the fountain of Mimir. His most commonly noted familiars were wolves and ravens, the Germanic beasts of battle. In this piece, the bust of Odin is beautifully represents the Norse God wearing a winged helm, eye patch , braids in his long beard and with a pair of ravens. The Odin statue is made of cold cast bronze, giving it the look of metal and is intricately sculpted in every detail. This 9 inch high, 6 inch long, 5.25 inch wide bust of Odin is great as a gift for any mythology bust and perfect for collectors of fantasy art.
    • 9 inch High, 6 inch Long, 5.25 inch Wide
    • Made of Cold Cast Bronze, a Process of Mixing Bronze Powder with Resin, Giving the Piece a Lustrous Metallic Bronze Finish
    • Odin is the Norse God of Wisdom, Poetry, Death, Divination and Magic Who Carries Souls to the Unseen Realms