Gemstone Star Bowl

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Beautiful, all natural gemstone star bowls.  Available in Dark Chocolate Calcite, Mexican Onyx and Zebra Calcite.  Sizes vary from 3 inches to 6 inches, see availability below.

Mexican Onyx - Stone of Confidence. Awakens inner strength and encourages positive thinking. Brings guidance and intuition. Focuses the mind and removes self-doubt.

Chocolate Calcite/Brown Aragonite is highly grounding, bringing a sense of inner balance and awareness. Warm and soothing energy. Clear stagnant energy. Reduce fear. Root Chakra work.

Zebra Calcite Is a stone of motivation, prosperity, power, physical healing, personal will, and peace of mind, Zebra Calcite activates all seven Chakras to assist in spiritual awakening, transformation, self discovery, and self-healing.