Indigo Gabbro palm stone

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Beautiful Indigo Gabbro(Mystic Merlinite) palm stone with AMAZING coloration.  Carved into a lovely shape, showing amazingly deep blues and greys,  you'll not want to  pass this up!  These beautiful Indigo Gabbro(Mystic Merlinite) palm stones are approx 2 inches wide and weigh between 2 and 3 ounces(approx). These show pieces are simply beautiful. Please note, these are not the exact stones you will be getting, we have dozens in stock, these are examples from the lot, and Indigo Gabbro(Mystic Merlinite) has many variations.

It is believed that using a merlinite stone attracts teachers, visitors or other clear messages into your dreams and meditations, making it an excellent stone for intuitive learning and connecting with higher consciousness. Indigo Gabbro(Mystic Merlinite) metaphysical properties are also said to help with past life regression.