Icelandic Moss - Organic

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Latin Name: Cetraia islandica
Common Names: Icelandic Moss

Icelandic Moss with the Latin name Cetraria islandica is a natural herb which has traditionally been found in Iceland and across Scandinavia and used as a source of both food and medicine by people in Iceland, Finland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden for hundreds of years. In more recent times, it is increasingly revered as a natural herb treatment for the many medicinal uses it is reported to have.

The plant Cetraia islandica or Icelandic Moss is comprised of large amounts of starch called lichenin. It is this substance which some believe allows the moss to act as a soothing agent. The Cetraia islandica herb has traditionally been used for its calming qualities. Additionally, organic Icelandic Moss holds some nutritive qualities.

Sold in 1 ounce bags.