Frigga Sitting On Throne

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  • 7.25 inch High, 5.5 inch Long, 5 inch Wide.
  • Creatively Crafted in Cold Cast Bronze in Intricately Sculpted Detail.
  • Mixing Bronze Powder with Resin Gives it an Authentic Metal Look with a Stunning Antique Bronze Finish Detailed with a Touch of Blue Coloring.
  • Frigg is the Wife of Odin, Weaver of Clouds for Sunshine, Rain and Fertility of Crops as Well as the Destiny of Man and Gods Alike, She Sits On a Throne Rich with Celtic Symbols.
  • A Great Gift For Viking Mythology and Medieval Art Collectors.

Known by many names, including Frigg, Frija, Frea and Frige, the Norse goddess Frigga is the wife of Odin and rules over the destiny not only of man, but also of the gods. She is shown seated on a throne rich with Celtic symbols holding a set of keys and a spindle with which she weaves that destiny, as well as manipulates the weather for fertility of crops. At her feet is a lamb, box and various treasures. The sculpture of this Viking goddess is beautifully cast in cold bronze, a process of mixing bronze powder for an authentic metal appearance, and detailed with blue coloring on her dress. This 7.25 inch high, 5.5 inch long, 5 inch wide Frigg statue is an excellent gift for anyone interested in Viking mythology, in medieval history, or simply for a strong woman ruling over her household.