Energy Healers Essential Oil Spray

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Feeling drained after healing or helping others? Seeking to dispel negative energy or emotions that you've picked up from your clients?

Energy Healers'™ unique Edge Blend™ helps ground, cleanse, and replenish your energy, while revitalizing and sealing your aura. Balances male and female energies to achieve a state of harmony. Dispels negative energy and emotions to nourish the positive.

Shake well prior to use. Close eyes and spray, moving from your crown chakra (top-of-head) continuing down your center-line to your root chakra (groin area). Spray into hands and use like you would a hand sanitizer. Then brush from your shoulder down your arms several times to cleanse the energy.



Each bottle from Urban’s Edge™ is a mini-healing session that goes beyond other aromatherapy products. We only use essential oils that are triple tested for purity** ensuring their quality from farm to formulation. Each bottle begins with formulating an essential oil blend with a specific purpose. Once the blend has been created, Reiki-charged gemstones are carefully chosen for their beneficial qualities to enhance the blend. A Peruvian Shaman then places a non-denominational blessing on each bottle to energetically enhance the synergy of the product.



**Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing verifies the quality of our plant based oils ensuring that they are free from synthetics, paraffin, carriers, and unwanted chemicals. Triple tested from farm to formulator.