Email Tarot Card Reading

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Wonder what is coming up next in your life?  Will you get that promotion?  Is the soul mate you've been thinking about going to come into your life?  Book an Email Tarot Card Reading with us at tarot on winter and find out!  You'll receive a detailed pdf and live video of the reading.

You may ask what the benefit is in booking an Email Tarot Card Reading, and you're not wrong for asking!  You'll be better equipped to reclaim the situation that you're inquiring about.  Let's say you ask about a career move in your intuitive abilities and the Tarot will help you create the transformation needed to make the best move. What's more, you'll gain invaluable insights into how to navigate the situation at hand.  Often the Tarot will steer my clients in a completely different direction because the current situation isn't good for them for example.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I read my own cards every morning to set my day and gain insights about the hours ahead, and I've found it to be such a great enhancement to my life. 


Here's a link for a video and pdf of an email reading with tarot on winter: