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“Thank you so much for such an insightful reading; it does really describe the whole situation accurately. I did have the fear of reaching out, but from your reading, I’ve gained more confidence! Through your reading, I realize how confused I am and how stubborn he is. This needs to end and can only end if we acknowledge the past and settle the issue, because closure is required to grow and learn from this situation. Once again, thank you, this is very clear, and now I know what to do and do it confidently. This silence can’t last forever!” –Aarushi

“Such a hopeful reading, thank you so much for it. It gives true insights into my very difficult personal situation and shows the way to a better future.” –Angela

“Brian, this was a very good reading and very accurate. I loved the video and detailed information you provided. Your reading has provided me with some insight on how to move forward with new relationships. Thanks so much!” –Connie

“A beautiful and comprehensive reading. Loved the video and being able to hear your voice. Thank you.” –Alex

“That was amazing! Thank you for your efforts. And I want to say, you are right! I have a power for this situation and I should listen to my inner voice, which comes from my heart. I can fight with myself during waiting to him. It was a pleasure to meet you.” –Ipek

“Thank you so much from all my heart for your kindness and compassion and for taking your time to do a reading for me. I’m very grateful for your help and guidance. Thank you for doing such a long reading for me; I love that you did a video, as I could actually see the reading taking place and see the cards. Seeing the cards and your explanation of each one step by step is extremely helpful and allows me to also step in in the cards’ energy and your reading. I really like it. I find your reading 100% accurate – the cards and your reading tell the story of exactly what I have been going through with this situation, the pain, depression and agony and how this has pretty much taking control of my life for the past 9-10 months now. Like your reading says, I also want something solid and not stay in limbo over this. Again, thank you so much for doing this reading for me, you are a very compassionate and kind reader and your guidance is definitely helping me. I will keep continue to watch your reading and look in it for guidance and strength. I will also definitely stay in touch and let you know how things turned out.” –Paula

“Thank you for your time doing the reading for me. I feel enlightened with what you just shared. It brought me something positive to look forward to now. My ordeal is not easy considering it was a 12-year marriage. I will keep everything in mind and will revert to you if anything resonates. Praying for the abundance of light and blessings your way.” –Tammie

“5 star reading for sure – it provided a great picture of what to expect. I’m also amazed at how accurately you’ve interpreted my current situation! Thanks so much!” –Safiyya

“Thank you so much for my reading. You were on point with the entire reading, and I am very grateful to you for helping me to understand what I need to do for myself and my overexcited behavior with everything I was experiencing. Everything you said in my reading resonated perfectly; I am letting go and knowing what I need to do to be free from old energies that have no purpose now. I have learned what lessons I needed to be able to move forward and detach from such things. I am very happy and extremely grateful to you for allowing me to understand more about this friendship – I feel less confused and no longer must think about why and how and whatever else I let consume my thoughts about our relationship. Good luck with your amazing gift you have, and I look forward to contacting you again if that is possible. Thanks again, friend. I loved my reading very much.” –Elisa

“Thanks for that insightful reading. It resonated with what’s going on with my life right now. I did a reading of my own and this just reaffirms it. Now I’m more confident on how to move forward from here.” –Dani

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful reading and going the extra mile with providing a video recording. 5 star reading for sure! I was blown away by your enthusiasm and level of professionalism! I really felt my question was valued and respected and your reading was so insightful. I plan to move forward with the positive momentum you’ve given me. You are spot on with the idea of starting with some peers and seeing where it goes. Ultimately, I want it to be a tool for my peers that are dealing with stress and burnout. Thank you again, and I will be in touch to follow up as you requested! I feel this was such a valuable professional reading and I am so grateful you we got in touch.” –Sara

“Thanks so much for the reading. It was very concise and to the point, which is great. I had a discussion with my partner yesterday, and the cost to commute regularly would probably be cheaper than the cost to move up to Sydney, then back down to Melbourne if I had to. You were bang on saying that I should just hold out for the next couple of years and see how we go. Thanks again!” –Craig

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