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Deep Readings for a Spiritual Experience

As a certified Tarot card reader in Delaware, Ohio, we offer readings of major and custom Tarot spreads. Our in-depth study of the Tarot, together with our discreet space and one-on-one readings, allow us to offer a highly insightful and informative experience.

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What We Do

Whether interpreting the Tarot online, in person or over email, we prefer to call the process an experience, rather than a simple reading. These highly personal, one-on-one experiences allow us to take a deep dive into your questions together. Once we consult the cards, we take the time to discuss what they tell us, then complete the experience with a guided meditation.

A Message from Our Founder

Since before I can remember, I’ve had a keen fascination with nature, the arcane, the underdog. Growing up Catholic, I am no stranger to ritual, to believing in the unseen. When I fell out of my nest and made my own way, I knew it was time to follow my path. I studied everything I could get my hands on regarding nature-based spirituality, divination and the craft.

While in the midst of my studies, I came across the Tarot. I devoured everything I could about spreads, decks, meanings, etc. I started reading for friends and family and found that I have a connection to these decks. I found that in the presence of another person, I can get to know their current situation and take those questions to the universe via the Tarot.

Over the years, I had a multitude of successful readings and decided to branch out and start reading for others outside my friends and family. I designed a quiet reading room where clarity and peace can be maintained and a clear reading will result. I used my room to read for myself, and it hit me that it’s time for me to share my gift. As a result, Tarot on Winter was born, and we’ve only grown from there.

I’m happy you’ve stopped at my page, and hope to see you soon and take a peek into your past, present and future. Blessed Be!

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