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From thoughtful Tarot card readings to essential oils for meditation, Tarot on Winter offers unmatched insight to help you answer the difficult questions in your life. Find out what our personal, discreet services can do for you!

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Biddy Tarot Certified Reader

I've studied with one of the greats, Brigit Esselmont and her Biddy Tarot Certification Program.  After much hard work and dedication, I became a Biddy Tarot Certified Reader.


“Such a hopeful reading, thank you so much for it. It gives true insights into my very difficult personal situation and shows the way to a better future.”


“Brian, this was a very good reading and very accurate. I loved the video and detailed information you provided. Your reading has provided me with some insight on how to move forward with new relationships. Thanks so much!”


“A beautiful and comprehensive reading. Loved the video and being able to hear your voice. Thank you.”


“5 star reading for sure – it provided a great picture of what to expect. I’m also amazed at how accurately you’ve interpreted my current situation! Thanks so much!”

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Private Tarot Readings

At Tarot on Winter, we distinguish ourselves with our deep readings and follow-up. We put a great deal of work into every reading, to offer you the most complete response we can give you and ensure you get the best direction possible – allowing you to move forward with confidence. With options for in-person, online and email readings, we have the resources to help anyone in need of guidance.

Our Products

In addition to providing readings and helping our clients understand the tarot card meanings, we also offer a variety of products designed to deepen the divination experience. View our shop to take a look at our variety of essential oils, healing crystals, chakra stones and more for your meditative needs.

Who We Serve

We have helped a wide variety of clients figure out the answers to their burning questions and devise a path forward. In addition to those familiar with tarot cards, we have found that our services have been great for those interested in yoga, ayurvedics, wicca, nature-based religions and more. Contact us now and see how we can work for you!